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VGC Podcast #12 – Record Breaking Video Game Sales On 4-5-21 HA Signature Auctions

It was one of those game changing weekend signature sales at Heritage auctions on this Easter weekend. We saw the record public sale for a video games which was a Mario Hangtab 9.6 A+ at $660,000.00!!!!! Wow. Not to mention, 2 other games in the same auction that went on to break $100,000.00 as well. Followed by a slew of $20,000-$50,000 games.

On Easter Sunday, there was a bit of a meltdown and freezing of the auction, so it was quickly shut down and resumed on Monday. This was likely a good thing, as amazing sales continued as you will see in the video.

There are a few pivot points in video game collecting history and in my eyes, this auction was one of them. To be clear, there were a lot of quality games in the auction with amazing grades.