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VGC Podcast #13 – Special Guest Speedy_Nes (Pieter) Variants, Demo Boxes, Joysticks, Oh My!

Our Special guest today is a long long time collector and incredibly humble and nice guy Pieter (Speedy_Nes). Having started collecting way back in 1996, Pieter has more than a wealth of knowledge as well as a great view on collecting as a whole.

He is also now claiming the longest podcast to date with nothing but great stuff all the way through. You may know Pieter from NintendoAge as he was one of the first 5 members to join and then be a moderator.

Pieter gives us a look at things you may not have even thought about or considered as well as really cool and very rare items! It is really hard not to like him with his positive attitude and infectious smile. Really hope you enjoy this episode as we will need to bring him back on the continue where we left off.