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VGC Podcast #17 With Sean “Bigsaucegames” AKA “Legend” Halo Pro Turned Collector!

Video Game Collectors Podcast #17 welcomes special guest Sean “Bigsaucegames” AKA “Legend” to the show! Sean is a long time Halo Pro from way back when it all started with Halo: Combat Evolved. Even to this day, you can find Sean showing his skills on his Twitch channel:

Sean is not only one of the worlds best Halo players, but a huge game collector as well as you will see. As I have personally gotten to know him and his close friend Eric better, they are just honest, real guys with great hearts and positive outlooks on life. I guess playing games all day growing up doesn’t mess people up 🙂

We also talk about some hidden gems in gaming and share some crazy wins. Also officially our longest podcast thus far at 2:33 or so 😂.