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VGC Podcast #25 – Dan Allegra Announces Launching Minus Worlds Video Game Marketplace

Dan is back! And he is badder than ever…..wait, I think that was an 80’s movie into…..anyway. On this episode, Dan shares with us his new project which is a stand alone marketplace for graded, sealed video games. I personally love this idea and have felt it was needed. Certain games you will still want to send to Heritage for auction and ungraded would still go to eBay. 

One great feature that will feature is offering a bounty. Basically a reverse eBay. Let everyone know the game and grade range you are looking for and set your price you are willing to pay. If someone sees your bounty and is willing to meet it, boom! No endless searching for that game necessary. This would be one private way to get a game out of a long time collectors hands that isn’t willing to make it publicly known that they have it. 

We look forward to the future of!