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Video Game Collectors #95 Zelda Sticker Seal?! Is It Real? Or Is It Canadian? We Take A Closer Look!

On Video Game Collectors Episode #95 We take a closer look at a TM Zelda Sticker Seal that popped up in high end game room Facebook group: Where Cole has found an early TM Zelda with a gloss sticker seal on it. It was sent to WATA for verification, but WATA said they were unable to verify the Nintendo Sticker Seal. They haven’t seen another know example so they are no comfortable ATM to certify it. That is not to say that it is not real, just at this time, they cannot confirm it. NES expert Braveheart then showed proof of other variants with the same sticker and a US release box. So, you can take that info and do as you please. We won’t likely have 100% proof, but we can all make a strong educated guess.