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Video Game Collectors Podcast #44 – How To Find Sealed Video Games!

Youtube Question

We hear you Timothy J. and we’ve got you covered in this episode 🙂

Josh and Matt go over the ways they are finding deals on not just sealed video games, but any type of collectable you might be looking for. Some of these might sound basic, but they are effective.

In the end, it is about hustle and being consistent and being fair in your deals. If you can create win/win scenarios, people will come back and want to do more deals with you. If you are patient and stay consistent, you will almost guaranteed find deals. 

Sometimes you may see deals we find or maybe another youtuber and think we are lucky or that is so far from what you are finding, but remember, most deals are due to footwork and hustle people put effort into years and years ago. I can personally remember a deal that I worked on for 14 years! It was still one of our biggest scores to date. Build great relationships with people and it will come back to you at some point. You get what you give!