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Video Game Collectors Podcast #48 – We Look Back At Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2022 And More

On Episode #48, Josh and I look back on Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2022. We had such a blast and it was great to see everyones face in real life again! We had fans like our 5th biggest fan Michael show up, say hi, and even buy some games! Even the man himself Dan “because he had to…” Kaplan was there! If you missed out, you missed out.

Wata Unveiled their new case design, CGC started accepting submissions at the show, and Josh pooped his pants…..(I honestly don’t know, but he might have!)…

Also, we have some great game collecting  events coming up in March as well like SideQuest Expo:

And Josh now works at PWCC as gaming director?…or something like that…he is around video games. 

Here is a link for next years Portland Retro Gaming Expo if you are interested: