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Video Game Collectors Podcast #60 – WATA Cases Are Live! CGC Grades VHS & Big PC Collection Purchase!

On Video Game Collectors Podcast #60 – The new WATA cases are officially live! There is a lot of added discussion on Acrylic Vs. Polycarbonate Vs SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile) case material so we chime in a little and decide it is time for us to do a real-life test of all 3. More to come on this in the future (thatswhatshesaid) 😂

CGC Announces that the are grading VHS! We think this is cool, you can hate us for that but it is cross culture and will add to grading and video game memorabilia, at least, that is our excuse just to talk about it 😜

Both Josh and I pick up a big PC collection right here locally! We share some of the images of what was in that collection (you will have to pause the video and zoom in). Those listing on Itunes miss out on everything 🤣

Here are the links to the articles on the different case materials:

Acrylic Vs. Polycarbonate:

SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile):

CGC VHS Announcement Link: