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Video Game Collectors Podcast #63 – VGA Launches Online Submission, Josh Talks PAL, And Chat Drops Bombs!

On episode #63 of Video Game Collectors Podcast, We cover VGC (CGA) launching its new online submissions!! This is a big deal as it has been one of many collectors gripes about submitting games to VGA. This is a great things for both them and collectors. VGA (like them or not) is necessary in the hobby as there is no other place currently to go to grade things like systems or big box computer games. Big box regular video games as well. This is a great set forward for them!

Also in this episode, Josh breaks out the PAL games and goes over some cool stuff I didn’t know about PAL games in general. He also covers variations and things to look for in collecting PAL. They guy is a walking wealth of video game knowledge. Somehow he remembers it all!

Also, The viewer chat starts dropping bombs! Both Josh and Matt go off over a few questions and the chat comedy takes things up a notch or two!!! 😂 Great stuff, great community!