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Video Game Collectors Podcast #65 – Josh Turns Pro Skater & Dragon Ball Z Sale Goes Super Saiyan 😂

On episode #65 of Video Game Collectors Podcast, Josh aspires for a new career as a 90’s pro skater. Everyone please mention Josh in the comments and show support for his new venture 😁

In other news, last weeks Heritage auctions had a couple surprises. We see a rise in interest and sales for Dragon Ball Z Budokai TenkAichi. We have only seen a 9.4 A sell on 4-6-23 in another Heritage auction, but this surpassed that sale almost 10 fold. Keep in mind this is a 9.8 A and the highest grade known thus far for this game. Top of the pop tends to do well. 

Then we go over the comments section and there are some good ones so be sure to watch or listen 🙂