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Video Game Collectors Podcast #67 – We Look At Heritage PC Auctions With Special Guest Josh Diggler!

On this episode of Video Game Collectors Podcast #67, we bring on special guest Josh Diggler! He came just in time (thatswhatshesaid) to take a look a Heritage Auctions first PC only game auction. This is the first of many and will likely help set a new bar for a lot of us with PC games. PC games in my opinion have really flown under the radar for the last 5-10 years. Most of us growing up can remember at some point playing PC games. For me personally, if you could afford a computer, thats what you played games on because the graphics were just so much better at the time. Soon after, video game consoles really started stepping up in the graphics department until they were basically neck and neck.

Josh Diggler also shows us a game that may or may not be a reseal, so we open it to find out.

We also go back and read the colorful comments from last week for a few good laughs!

Looking forward to episode 68!