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Video Game Collectors Podcast #68 – Did We Get 69 Comments?! Video Games, Blogs, & Dad Jokes…& Eric..

Eric joins the sow, but the question remains, Did we get to 69 comments?! I guess we will have to wait and see. Josh vows to not even film episode 69 unless we get 69 comments in the comments section of this video right here 🙂 

In other news, we look at a few of the stand out sales from last weeks Heritage weekly auction. There were some deals for sure. 

We also dig into what really is a first print Super Star Wars and why it is as well as Super Empire Strikes Back and Super Return Of The Jedi. 

We also have a quick discussion on a blog rolling around on Facebook. Josh weighs in quickly and we move on to other things 😂

 Eric also continues to show and express his deep passion for Halo 4 in subtle but obvious ways….we know man…we know 😁