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Video Game Collectors Podcast #76 – AtariAge Sells To Atari! Big Game Sales & Josh & Matt Do ASMR! Sells to Atari! Wow, that is big news. We all hope it doesn’t end up the way Nintendoage ended up, but it sounds like it is still in Alberts hands to run and keep pretty much the same. Congrats to them either way for an epic sale! Hard work pays off. You can read more about the details of the sale here:

We also Look at this years record setting sale on Goldin auctions! What a great piece that you really just aren’t going to see more of in the future!

We also take a quick look at the NWC that sold on the Heritage Harvey auctions last week. There was a ton of prototype stuff and some solid sales.

We end things with the weekly Halo 4 report and readers comments 😁

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