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Video Game Collectors Podcast #77 – Portland Retro Gaming Expo + Pre Party & HA Weekly Review!

On Video Game Collectors Podcast #77 We quickly go over the upcoming Portland Retro Game Expo and the pre-party/ gathering at Next Level Pinball Museum from 5:00pm – 11:00pm on Thursday October 12th. We have the party room reserved and entry to the museum is $22.00. Come and hang out, say hi, play poker, or just wander around the arcade/ museum. Link to the museum below.

We also show our appreciation to Connor MacPhee and his cat TERRA. The bills mount up and he was going to sell video games to pay for the medical expenses, but Tim Mcbride mentioned setting up a Gofundme instead and then we all chipped in. He is only shy a little bit from his goal, and we hope to get the last bit soon. If you would like to donate and help out a young game collector, donate here:

On the last part, we look at some surprising results of this weeks Heritage weekly video game auctions. You might be a bit surprised 🙂 Thank you as always for your support and watching this train wreck! 🤣

Next Level Pinball Museum:

Portland Retro Gaming Expo:

Cat Fundraiser: