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Video Game Collectors Podcast #81 – With Special Guest And Old NA Friend Matt “Bennihana” Benhart!

On Video Game Collectors Podcast #81 – We bring on an old friend and very Special Guest Matt “Bennihana” Benhart from back in the Nintendoage days! Matt was a moderator on Nintendoage for many years and he and his wife Melissa also helped Josh at pretty much all the retro gaming events as well. Matt has also completed his entire US NES set which is a major feat in-itself these days. Way harder and more expensive to do then it was 15 years ago.

Having taken a break from collecting for a while, we drug him back out of his hole to come (not cum) talk to us for a while about video games.

We will be sure to have Matt back so he can talk to us more about all his work on homebrews and unreleased games 🙂