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Video Game Collectors Podcast #82 – CGC’s New CIB Guide & We Discuss The Worst NES Games Ever Made!

On Video Game Collectors Podcast #82 We have Matt Benhart join us once again to talk about video games and the news surrounding them!

CGC just came out with a new complete in box guide which covers a lot of bigger games and the variants to look for. Really well done and you can go check it out here:

We also get into a random discussion about the worst NES games made! Josh laid some ground rules of no Color Dinosaur and no fisher price games. Basically, if you wanted to torture someone with playing the worst NES games made, and you have to make a top 5 worst games list, what would that be?!

Here is our list that we came up with on the fly:

  1. X-men
  2. Ghostbusters
  3. Deadly Towers
  4. Roller Games
  5. Back To The Future II & III

(Silver Surfer was mentioned, but mainly because it is just crazy hard (thatswhatshesaid)) 😂

So if you had to make a list, what would your top 5 worst NES games be? Leave your thoughts and comments in the video comments! We look forward to reading them!