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Video Game Collectors Podcast #83 – We Welcome Special Guest & Long Time Collector Kenneth Thrower!

On Video Game Collectors Podcast #83 we welcome special guest Kenneth Thrower! Kenneth is co-founder of WATA Games and now final grading specialist for CGC (hope I got that right). With more than 20 years of tracking video game variants and collecting in general, he has a lot to share that there would be no way to cover in just one episode.

Kenneth was one of the main contributors to the new CGC CIB guide that he tells us will be expanded on very soon. You can check that guide out here:

Kenneth was also a big part of the old Nintendoage gang and we would love to have him back on with a bunch of old members to reminisce the day of ole and talk real NES nerd talk. We look forward to having him back again soon!