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Video Game Collectors Podcast #89 – Josh Drops Christmas F-Bombs While Matt & Matt Clean Up The Carnage!

On episode #89 of Video Game Collectors Podcast, Josh Drops Holiday F-Bombs While Matt & Matt Clean Up The Carnage! 🤣 Matt Benhart Joins us once again as Josh gets heated over something 🤣 We take time out to thank all the wonderful dealers, auction houses, graders, and fellow collectors we love to support!

We also talk about a recent Facebook post with a “hypothetical situation” and would love your take on it. Interesting point on both sides.

We Also talk a closer look at‘s X-Mas Carts. Along with that we take a brief look at the AVS systems and a few early prototypes.

Then we share some Christmas wins and read all your comments as usual 😁

Here is the Chase After The Right Price video series I was talking about in the podcast: