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Video Game Collectors Podcast #97 With Special Guest Claire Shelton Head Of WATA Games!

On Video Game Collectors Podcast #97 We have special guest Claire Shelton on the show. Claire is the head of WATA Games. If you don’t know who WATA Games is, then you are watching or listening to the wrong podcast 🤣.

Claire has been a closet watcher of the show and we dive into where video games came into her life and what she likes to collect which is pretty interesting. She also gives the perspective from someone who looks at rare games all day long and what she feels is an average grade on most games. 

We also find out that WATA has a running list of VGA games and grades that have been crossed to WATA. You can find that list here:

There is something for everyone in this episode so hope you all enjoy it!

If you want to find Claire and ask a question, you can reach her on Instagram here: